A whole day excursion for all the family. 

Our tours are semi-private. You will be a maximum of 6 people, all day long. Such a small group is great to get the most out of your day at the Blue Lagoon

Tours are all-inclusive. Pick ups, beach BBQ and drinks are provided, as well as snorkeling material.

We need at least 4 participants to guarantee the excursion, excepted for the "Guaranteed Excursion Fare". In that case the excursion is guaranteed no matter the number of participants

Grouped Excursion                 10.600xpf / 90€  per person

Guaranteed Excursion            15.000 xpf / 125€  per person

Private Excursion (Half day) 40.000 xpf / 335€  per boat

Private Excursion (Full day) on demand

Pink sands blue lagoon


Fishing tour lagoon

We provide fishing material and baits for the fishing tours (except fly-fishing)
All fishing is done in the Lagoon. 
Spearfishing location depends on the experience and abilities of the participants
All Fishing Excursions include pick-ups and those lasting 8h include lunch
Fishing tours are for maximum 4 anglers.

Fishing Excursion 2h (min 2 pers) - 7.500 xpf / 63€  per person

Fishing Excursion 4h (min 2 pers) - 11.000 xpf / 92€  per person

Fishing Charter 4h - 28.000 xpf  / 235€  per boat

Fishing Charter 8h - 60.000 xpf / 505€  per boat (including lunch)

Fly-fishing Charter - 60.000 xpf / 505€  per boat(including lunch)

Spearfishing Charter up to 4h (max 2 pers) - 35.000 xpf  / 295€  per boat

Private boat excursion blue lagoon rangiroa


 We can customise our excursion to fit your needs

Early flight, special birthday or other celebration

Wanting to explore more than the Blue Lagoon

Just contact us and we will make our best to give you a great day out in Rangiroa Lagoon

Private Customised Excursion includes pick-up and lunch. Price starts from xpf 40.000 and can increase depending on the request (Birthday Cakes, Tahitian dancing, Animations, Traditional Wedding...)

Private Excursion (max 5 pers) 40.000 xpf / 335€  per boat (including lunch)




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We suggest you to plan your tour for your firsts days in Rangiroa, that way should we need to replan due to bad weather or not reaching the minimum amount of passenger (excepted for Guaranteed Excursion fares), we can reschedule for the day after.

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